Click here to download the PDF version of the MM Property Water Run-off Assessment Guide.

You can use this form to perform your own properties water run-off assessment. How to get started:

  1. Click on link to open the Malama Maunalua Property Water Run-off Assessment Guide. You may want to print it out, so that you can refer to the form as you walk around your property, and make notes where necessary.
  2. Walk your property along the perimeter edges and from corner to corner and try to determine where drainage water originates from on the lot (i.e. downspouts, drains, swales, water dripping from roof tops, draining swimming pool water, sprinklers, etc.).  Then try to determine where the water is flowing.  Is it staying on the lot and draining into pervious garden or vegetated buffer areas or is it draining onto impervious driveways, walkways and patio areas which discharge the water into the street which leads directly to the ocean via the storm drain system. Note: doing this while it is raining is the most informative time to analyze water flow on the property.
  3. Try to see where improvements can be made. Water that is flowing onto impervious surfaces, can be redirected to drain to pervious yard or garden areas, or into a water catchment systems like rain barrels and rain gardens. Redirection from impervious surfaces, to pervious surfaces prevent storm water and other water–such as swimming pool drainage water–from flowing into adjacent sidewalks, streets, ravines, canals or streams, and directly into our ocean carrying everything in its path straight to our near shore ocean and reefs.

We can offer help:

We are training the trainers to do these assessments

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