1. Maunalua Region, South East Oahu

Maunalua Region, South East Oahu

2. Maunalua Region Project Area Map

The Maunalua Region consists of ten sub-watersheds emptying into Maunalua Bay.

3. Pulama Wai Project Sites Map

Malama Maunalua currently has 21 Pulama Wai Project Sites, all led by Volunteer Leaders.




4. Impervious Surfaces Map

The Maunalua Region is highly urbanized with a high rate of impervious surface cover.  The hardened surfaces contribute to polluted runoff which, along with sediment, flow into Maunalua Bay when it rains and are a big threat to the marine ecosystem of Maunalua Bay.

5. Maunalua Stormwater Management Units Map

Stormwater Management Units (SMUs) are district drainage areas that terminate in a single shoreline outfall.  Some SMUs are quite large such as Wailupe and Waialae Nui while some drain only a few houses.  These units help us focus our management and outreach efforts in reducing runoff into Maunalua Bay.

6. Invasive Algae Map – Avrainvillea Amadelpha (Leather Mudweed) Distribution in Maunalua Bay

7. Invasive Algae Map – Gracilaria Salicornia (Gorilla Ogo) Distribution in Maunalua Bay


8.  Rain Gardens of East  Oahu

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