Maunalua was once one of the healthiest and most productive fishery in the Pacific.

Following Statehood, the Maunalua region endured extensive development and decades of unsustainable fishing practices.

Nowadays, Maunalua is one of the most degraded fihsery in the Pacific.

Of near-shore areas around the State surveyed by local scientists, Maunalua Bay ranked lowest in amount of fish.

A survey of fishers found that, on average, it takes 50 hours to catch one papio and 29 hours to catch one o'io.

Why are there less fish?

A variety of reasons:
a degraded habitat
irresponsible fishing practices
a problematic enforcement process
an unsustainable level of harvesting

Thriving fish populations contribute to a healthy marine environment and a healthy community. Learn More Take Action

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