Maunalua's watersheds have become
sediment speedways.

Storm drains rush water, silt and pollutants straight into the Bay, seriously damaging the marine environment.

Malama Maunalua is working with residents, businesses and government to heal the Bay by reducing the sediment and pollutants flowing into it.

Malama Maunalua is undertaking community projects to decrease runoff.

Our Pūlama Wai EVERY DROP COUNTS PROGRAM provides simple actions everyone can take.

Fixes to the storm drain system
require government's help.

Malama Maunalua is working with federal, State and local agencies on solutions that both provide flood control and reduce harmful runoff.

Malama Maunalua brings a community's voice to the table and works with scientists to obtain research that guides restoration projects.

And we are building a network of volunteer community leaders who will lead neighborhoods in reducing polluted runoff.

Together, we will have an impact.

Find out the simple steps you can take
to make a better Bay.
Volunteer Take Action Priorities Achievements

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