Huki means "pull" in Hawaiian.

Our huki events pull the community together
to pull out the invasive algae.

Malama Maunalua is ridding the Bay of invasive algae
one handful at a time.

Our volunteers manually weed the algae, shuttle it to shore and recycle it at local farms.

Between 2007 and 2011, over 3 million pounds of invasive algae were removed from Maunalua Bay.

Many schools joined us, teaching today's kids to be tomorrow's stewards of the Bay.

In 2010-2011, with a $3.4 million grant of stimulus funds from the NOAA, Malama Maunalua teamed up with the Nature Conservancy and Pono Pacific to eliminate 25 acres and over 3 million pounds of Leather Mudweed,
on time and in budget, while creating over 70 jobs.

Malama Maunalua and our partners are monitoring the cleared areas and the Mudweed is not growing back.

We're exploring replanting of native plants
to speed the Bay's recovery.

More acreage remains to be cleared.

Join us in restoring the Bay to health.
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